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View of choir in Gordon Craig in 2017 performing Mozart Requiem

Welcome to Stevenage Choral Society

We hope these pages will give you some useful information about our society.

If you would like to come along to our rehearsals, we would love to see you! - Each Monday in term time they take place at the Stevenage Music Centre which is in Mobbsbury Way, Postcode SG2 0HS at 7:45 - all voices welcome!

Next Full Rehearsal is Monday 10 December 2018 when we continue work for our next Concert - the Christmas time one - WASSAIL! (plus some other light music). LAST REHEARSAL BEFORE CONCERT.

Next Concert:

Wassail! - Christmas Concert - 15 December 18
Image clip from poster
.... This year there's no mid Autumn concert... We're trading this for a BIG Christmas concert ..... We are going to perform Alexander L'Estrange's new work "Wassail!".
It's a collection of Carols of all sorts with some brilliant arrangements for Choir and Youth Choir together. If you've loved when we've sung "Zimbe!" and "Ahoy! Sing for The Mary Rose" by the same composer then you'll love this. The second half of the evening will be with slightly more conventional carols for choirs and audience. Start Christmas with a swing ... and a sing!
If you'd like a pdf copy of the poster image to send to other friends you can download it from here!

E tickets already available here - see our contact page for phone and mail options to order tickets - as paper tickets are available NOW.