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OneDrive is Microsoft's "storage in the cloud" (i.e. a place you don't know where it is - but it's there to retrieve over the web). What I do here is give you a link to a small portion of my file space in my personal OneDrive space..

The link that got sent to you, when you click on it (the "xx files" link where xx is a number), should open a web browser window (Edge, Internet Explorer, Firefox or whatever) which should have a view that looks like one of the two images below:

File details view of directory
This is the file detail view - a list of files and their size.

Thumbnail details view of directory
This is the thumbnail view. If you look at the images above - the second blue icon on the right hand side (just under the black menu bar) is different. In the filelist view you see something like a brick wall (tiles) and on the thumbnail view you will see what looks like a list. To switch from one view to the other just click this button and the page will reload giving you the view concerned. For the purpose of this help page use LIST display.

Let's take an example, let's download a single practice audio file (in this case "Ave Verum_All.mp3"). There is a space (which it's possible to select by clicking on) to the left of each file. IF you clicked on the space next to "Ave Verum_All.mp3" the page changes a little and now would look like this;-

Landing page image

You can see that the named file is selected in the list of files in the directory and is highlighted with a blue tick to show it is selected. Also there is a download option in the Black menu bar above the file list.

If you click on the box on the Download the Open/save menu will appear (it should look similar to the box in the image below but may not be in the same place when you do it). The image below shows what happens if you are using Firefox as your browser. Ensure the "Save File" is selected and click the OK button.

Selecting a file

Clicking on the OK button will download the file into the Downloads directory on a Windows PC when using Firefox. When you use Internet Explorer you do get a box with a Save option, which also has a "Save As" option (see image below, click on the right hand side of the Save box to drop a "Save As" option if you want to) but in earlier windows versions may launch a "Save As" menu giving you an option where to save the file.

Selecting a file

That's basically it.... one file downloaded onto your machine. To download another simply deselect the first file (clicking on the space to the left of it's name in the file list - or by clicking on the Blue circle next to the Clear Selection text), select a new one and press the download button again. Repeat this process till you have downloaded the files you need.

If you only want to play the file once then click "Open" and, if your PC/Mac is setup properly for such things, the MP3 playing application (Windows Media Player/Realplayer etc.) should be loaded and start playing the file.

Braver Souls....If you already understand about ZIP files and how to unpack them then it's possible to download them at all once and unpack them on your machine. IF you aren't....skip this bit! IF, instead of just selecting one file you select more files the download process packages them all into a single zip file. It offers a menu to download the zip file onto your machine (see image below)

Selecting a cluster of files

Once saved onto your machine unpack the zip file and the individual MP3 files will be extracted.

And finally.....

Having got your files onto your machine then double clicking them SHOULD cause the PC etc to play them...Happy Practising!

Naming Convention used.....IF the end of the filename is a Voice name (Sop/Alto/Ten/Bass) then it's the file for that part. IF there is no suffix or the suffix "All" then a balanced version of all of the voices is in that particular MP3 file.

That's just about it...not too difficult really but I hope you find this page helpful.
As ever, any problems with this...or any other page on the site send me an Email and I'll try to fix it.

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