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WeGotTickets help page (2 of 2)

This page is here to help you complete ordering through

How to buy......

As you can see below there are two blue buttons called "Buy" in the image below..

Buying page on the WeGotTickets site
Clicking on either of those will load the appropriate buying page.

Here's the buying page in showing one ticket in the checkout basket.
Checkout process step 1
IF you click on the + (green) or - (blue) signs you can increase/decrease the number of tickets ordered respectively.

IF you want childrens tickets as well then you use the browser back button to get to the page showing the event and click "Buy" on that childrens event ticket. This will give you both sorts of tickets in your checkout "basket". You can use the + or - signs to change the number of childrens tickets.

The example below shows both children's and adults tickets.
Checkout listing showing both adult and Children's tickets
You also have a booking fee shown which is 10% of the ticket price. At this point, having selected the correct number of tickets you just click the "Proceed" button further down the "Checkout" page.

After clicking on "Proceed" you will be asked to register (if you've never used the site before) or login. See choice shown in the image below.
Account entry
From this point I can take you no further. I am not registered with them currently. But after paying you WILL be sent a confirmatory Email of your ticket purchase - This IS your ticket information and the number contained there IS your ticket number so make a record of the number and bring that with you (YOU DON'T NEED TO PRINT OFF THE EMAIL - saves trees!) - this helps protect against fraud.

The following things should be noted;

  • IF you order tickets on behalf of someone else (and you therefore pay for them) it DOESN'T matter who comes - they only need to bring the ticket information with them - we don't check their name, only that the ticket information is valid.
  • It seems that it may be possible to get the Email ticket allocated to someone else's name....(I haven't followed the process so I can't vouch for that) however the statement above makes this allocation unnecessary.
  • You can buy further tickets later - we should be able to track the tickets against their purchase - the same person buying on two occasions shouldn't cause any problem.

I hope you find this page helpful. Any problems then please Email the webmaster (see link on Contacts page)