Coronavirus is still with us but we are starting to rehearse again.

We will start at normal time on the 13th September at the Music Centre (for postcode, address and time see further down this page).
If this will be your first time with us, just turn up at the Music Centre there's no need to contact us in advance. Please bring any drinks you want with you.

We will practice with social distancing. It would be great if you could come having done a lateral flow test to make sure whether you have COVID or not (but we won't be policing that at all). If you feel you'd like to wear a mask (or not) that would be fine too.

If you want to do a lateral flow test in advance then you can order them via the website page (click on the link) or perhaps collect a pack from your local pharmacy or community centre or library.

We'll be starting with The Sprig of Thyme in rehearsals plus some other stuff for a few weeks .... as you can imagine we don't have plans in great detail at the moment. If you haven't heard the Sprig of Thyme before then click on the following link to watch it on YouTube - click here

See you there ....

Welcome to our new website ....

It looks a little different but should work fine on any platform (PC/Phone/iPhone/iPad). Most notable changes - the "About" menu lists many choir related things, "Programme" has a menu driven system to access concerts back to 1970 and the Photo menu now works differently - clicking on the "Photos" link above takes you to the first of the Gallery pages and once there the Photos menu becomes a drop down menu listing all the gallery page currently online. Contact details can be found at the foot of every page, as well as on the Contacts page

P.S. If you access via a mobile phone normally then click on the three barred icon to access the menus.

Welcome to Stevenage Choral Society

We hope these pages will give you some useful information about our society.

If you would like to come along to our rehearsals, we would love to see you! - Each Monday in term time they take place at the Stevenage Music Centre which is in Mobbsbury Way, Postcode SG2 0HS at 7:45 - all voices welcome!

Next Full Rehearsal is 13th September.

Organisations we belong to

We are members of Making Music (The National Federation of Music Societies) and Stevenage Arts Guild.  To find out more about either of these organisations, click on the logos below.

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Stevenage Choral Society

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