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This page is here to help you start to order through wegottickets.com. Their website went through a re-model in 2016 and this help page refers to their current site (as of July 2016). There is now a profile page for the choir which will list ALL concerts set up for purchasing tickets.

Method 1 - finding the concert the easy way......

Go back to our Home page (use the button in the menu bar above....) and click on the "E-ticket" text or the "WeGotTickets" logo in the page. This will lead you directly to our profile page on the wegottickets website. You can see "buy" buttons to start to purchase tickets there. They are GREEN buttons with the word "Buy"

Profile page on the WeGotTickets site
This is what the choir's profile page looked like for the Autumn 2016 concert.

If you click on either of the Blue texts "Stevenage Choral Society - By the Riverside" you will go to the event page, which for our Autumn 16 concert, looked as below

Buying page on the WeGotTickets site

IF you click on either of the buy buttons you will proceed to the checkout page, which will show the ticket purchase. There are + and - sings for increasing/decreasing the number of tickets bought and an "Empty Basket Contents" button, if you made a mistake and ordered the wrong ticket.

Buying page on the WeGotTickets site

HELPFUL TIP: - If you want to select the some of the other sort of ticket as well - DON'T use the continue shopping button as it takes you back to the start of the website where the search is. Use your web browser "Back" button (often a left facing arrow) next to the URL bar (where the website address is).

Method 2 - finding the concert the hard way......

The hard way is to try and FIND the concert on the WeGotTickets site.
Here's the start page on the WeGotTickets site (example shows a search for our July 16 concert).

WeGotTickets home page
This gives you TWO places you can select the the concert from;

  1. The search bar in the top right of the webpage - a standard web search box (shown as a green magnifying glass).
  2. The search box in the body of the page - a detailed search allowing you to search by region, artist, date, town or by venue and any mix of those parameters.

IF you type Stevenage in the first two cases - only events occurring in Stevenage will be displayed.

Search results from WeGotTickets
Here's the search result for Stevenage and as you can see, this seems to be a different page arrangement to that you saw with our direct link....the layout is different but it links to exactly the same tickets for the same event. (In fact the event title [in blue] is a link to the detailed page that you see at the top of this help page.)

This page has dealt with finding the concert - actually ordering the tickets is on a subsequent page. Click here to access the ticket ordering help page.

Stevenage Choral Society

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