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Fundraise for Stevenage Choral Society

There are three great ways to raise money for the choir. The first, and most important, is to entice people to come to our concerts! The second is to become a Friend of the Choir - click on link in the top menu bar of this page for details. The third is by using click-through advertising to generate funds through a site called

Most of us buy items using the internet companies like Amazon. These businesses will pay about 1% of the cost of their sales as a reward for directing customers to their site. This is called click-through advertising. Well, this can be used for fundraising.

We have started an account for the Choir with and the page contents below should explain the process better than I can. Initially you have to register with the easyfundraising site choosing a charity for your account to gift to - we hope you’ll choose Stevenage Choral Society. Then when you want to buy something, you go to the easyfundraising page first, click on the logo of the company you want to buy from (Amazon for example) and you will land on that company’s site. When you make your purchase – no extra cost to you at all - the website (such as Amazon) remembers easyfunding as the source of the sale and eventually pays them. You selected us as your charity so they pay the money to us. Costs you nothing directly and the Choir gets the money.

Please have a look at the page below and watch the video to see how it works.

Oops that didn't work!

If you click on the "Support us now" buttons above this paragraph , it will take to the right part of the easyfunding site to register with them and connect your fund payments direct to the Choir. (You can do this by going just to by clicking on the "Powered by" link below and finding stevenage choral but the links above are easier)

Other Local Musical Events

From time to time we get asked by other choirs or musical organisations about publicising their events...... these requests will turn up here.


IF you are lucky/unfortunate enough to find an error on any of the pages of this site then PLEASE let me know. I've made life as simple I can. There is a link to click on the "Contacts" webpage that will start a mail message to me. It would help lots if you can make the title of the E-mail the name of the webpage(s) with the error(s) on it.     Many Thanks...Your friendly webmaster.