Becoming a Friend of Stevenage Choral Society

An important way of helping the Choir is to become a "Friend of the Stevenage Choral Society". By paying an annual sum of money (currently £50 per year) to the Choir you will be helping to support our performances by enabling to fund soloists and orchestras.

Who can be a "Friend"?

Anyone really! A "Friend" membership can be made by an individual or by an organisation or business.

In the case of a business this can be for a single membership or corporate membership for as many individuals as you like. Corporate membership for up to five individuals costs £50 per person. After that, it's £25 for each extra place you need. We will send you concert tickets up to the number of individual places you pay for and you can distribute these as you choose.

What do I get?

Obviously up to date information about Choir activities, but you also get an allocated ticket for each concert in the year (Sept - August) and additionally a mention in each concert programme throughout the year.

I represent an organisation - can I do more?

Yes, you could sponsor a concert or simply place adverts in our concert programmes on a regular basis all of which would add funds and enable us to put on bigger and better concerts.

What do I do next?

Contact our chairperson Gill or our secretary Heather and they can sort out the payment details and friends member forms. Click on the links in this paragraph to send Emails - See the foot of the page for phone details.

Stevenage Choral Society

You can find us on our Facebook page or email us using the email links on this page.

Page Last updated: 9th November 2020

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