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With thanks to the people who help to make this possible, and all the people who run, join and promote amateur organisations in the Stevenage area.

Concert related sites

These are organisations who help with our advertising and promote other music for other groups.

Concert finder
A concert finding site associated with British Choirs on the Net.

Gerontius logo link

A web site containing links to choirs and concert diaries.

Benslow Music logo link

Benslow Music
A web site containing information on day and residential Music courses held on site & also afternoon and evening concerts.

Stevenage Borough council logo link

Weston Music Society
A web site containing information on the concert series they run.

Stevenage festival logo link

Stevenage Festival
The web site for information on the concerts and productions forming part of the Stevenage Festival. This festival normally happens once every two years.

General event related sites

Doowit logo link
A web site containing information on events around Stevenage.
Our current listing entries List Events

The Comet Newspaper logo link

A web site containing information on events around the area (in our case Luton) but the site can let you be informed on any artists they follow. logo link

A nationwide event website that works locally on postcodes and town names to provides lists of local events.

Choir resources

British Choirs on the net logo link

British Choirs on the Net
This site lists a wide range of choirs and music resources.

Composition Related Links

Alexander L'Estrange Compositions

Ahoy! logo link

Ahoy! Sing for the Mary Rose
Home page of the piece we performed in 2014, written by Alexander L'Estrange.
Ahoy is a sequence of choral arrangements of songs from the time of King Henry VIII, sea shanties plus an original song by L’Estrange, Full Fathom Five.

Zimbe logo link

We performed this piece in 2012.

Zimbe! is a sequence of choral arrangements of traditional songs from all over Africa in a jazz style. This is a work which forges links between adult choirs and massed children’s choirs, placing singing at the heart of the community as it always has been in Africa. And, since jazz grew out of blues which itself sprang from the mouths of African people, what better accompaniment for these songs than a jazz quintet? Zimbe! is at times touching and moving, at other times funky and grooving and all of the time incredibly uplifting both for performers and audiences alike.

Wassail logo link

We performed this in 2018 as part of our Christmas concert.
Wassail! is a sequence of choral arrangements of uplifting traditional carols, both sacred and secular. It also includes one new song by Joanna & Alexander L’Estrange, Spring will come again. It is the composer’s intention that the piece be performed in its entirety but the songs also work as stand-alone numbers within the context of a Christmas concert or service.
Wassail/wassailing itself means many things: a drink, a cup, a dance, a celebration, carol-singing…!

Club85 logo link

L'Estranges in the night
This is the home of the album that Alexander and his wife Joanna have released. It is a mixture of pieces written by Alexander L'Estrange and others by Michel Legrand. See their site for more information.

Stevenage Choral Society

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