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Our Gallery (Earlier Photos)

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Our choir relaxing in the mall in Washington during the USA tour in April 1997

Choir outside Church in Prague - image is called choir_colour_balanced.jpg - 64818 Bytes

Stevenage Choral Society outside St Nicholas Church, Old Town Square, Prague, 30 May 1999 - this was one of the venues for a concert on our tour to Prague.

Concert at St. Andrew and St Geoge Church - image is called AXconcert_small.jpg - 21264 Bytes

Concert at St. Andrew and St. Georges Church

Picture of choir members at the party at Lister Hospital Stroke Support unit - image is called XMAS_2006_Stroke_unit.jpg - 37526 Bytes

Some of the Choir members sang at the Patients Christmas Party at the Lister Stroke Unit in 2006

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