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Our Gallery (Bring and Sing Messiah)

"Bring and Sing Messiah", 21st March 2009

We ran a "Bring and Sing" was held at the Queen Mother Theatre in Hitchin and we held an afternoon "open" rehearsal with an informal concert in the evening

The pictures that follow are from the rehearsal:

Choir in the midst of rehearsal

In the midst of a piece ....

A loud section of the piece - everyone's mouth is open wide

It must be a loud bit - everyone's got their mouths wide open!!

Robin correcting the choir

Of course, in rehearsals you occasionally make mistakes or there are things to be improved so our Conductor puts us right!!

A view of the majority of the choir - clapping one of the soloists

And finally - there's clapping practice!! (Actually this is the choir congratulating a soloist on completing their solo - in this informal atmosphere we did this both in rehearsal and during the concert).

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