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Our Gallery (The Armed Man)

"The Armed Man", 13th June 2009

We performed "The Armed Man" at the Gordon Craig Theatre in Stevenage as the opening Concert of the Stevenage Arts Festival 2009. [We also finished the Festival off with performing in the "Last Night of Proms" concerts]

The pictures that follow are from the concert:

Choir preparing to sing

In the midst of a piece ....

A loud section of the piece - everyone's mouth is open wide

Under way...singing

Tenors and basses in full flow

The men performing the section of the piece dedicated to them - "Bloody Men"

Charge! the movement of the opposing armies towards each other in battle - a loud section of music

A loud bit!! (Actually this is section of the piece called "Charge" - one of the loudest sections of the piece).

Trumpet soloists in the Sanctus section

The trumpeters perforing their solo parts in the Sanctus movement of the piece.

A view of the majority of the choir - clapping one of the soloists

Congratulating our Cello soloist for her work!.

Some pictures of the Armed Man rehearsals can be seen here!

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