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Our Gallery (Summer Concert 2014)

AHOY! Sing for the Mary Rose, July 2014

Concert took place at St. Andrews and St.Georges Church in Stevenage and these pictures were taken at the concert. The concert had Ahoy! as the second part of the concert with soloists singing songs related to the sea and the Call Me Al quintet playing Libertango by Astor Piazolla and a Ceilidh Medley.

The Band ......

the Call Me Al quintet

Our Soloists - Christine, Rodney, Sheila and Emily

Christine singing her solo Rodney singing his solo
Sheila sings her solo Emily sings her solo

What every sea concert needs .... A Parrot!

The Parrot Picture

Captain Robin coming aboard ................ Captain taking the salute!

Captain coming aboard - conductorCaptain taking the salute

Composer on board, too ...

Naval Composer aboard

Off we go ...

Choir singing out

Haul Away ....

Picture showing actions done by children on the song Haul Away,Joe

Ladies singing "Lowlands away"

Ladies singing Lowlands away

More singing! ....


After time for clapping and dancing, naval style, to the Hornpipe medley, then with "Up She rises" and the Encore where the audience joins in with a repeat of "The water is wide"(Waly, Waly), the piece (and a marvellous concert) comes to a close.

Yes, there really was an Audience... and just to prove it - .....

The Audience

A photo of the composer, Alexander L'Estrange, our Chairman and the concert Narrator......
Press picture of Alexander L'Estrange, our Chairman and the concert Narrator

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