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Our Gallery (Spring Concert 2013)

Duruflé requiem, 9th March 2013

Concert took place at St. George and St. Andrew in Stevenage but these pictures were taken at the rehearsal in the afternoon.

Robin in full flow during rehearsal ...

Robin conducting 1

Slightly closer view of the choir and orchestra.

Robin conducting 2

A little later on ....

Robin conducting 3

David Boarder at the organ for the Duruflé (some of the A10 orchestra also in the frame)......

David Boarder at the Organ

A quick review of the score and more directions given by Robin ...

Robin reviewing the score to give the orchestra more directions

As you can see from this shot, in the afternoon it was quite cool in the church for the rehearsal. Our Harpist is well protected from the cool.

Orchestra showing Harpist in jacket to keep warm

Thanks to all the folks involved on the setup, ticketing, catering and cleaning crews...we couldn't have done this without you!

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