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Our Gallery (Zimbe!)

Zimbe!, 17th November 2012

Zimbe! was performed to a packed house at the Church of St. Andrew and St. George, St. Georges Way, Stevenage.

Please note: These images are, on the whole, reduced in detail and a reduced number from those available on our Facebook page.

The pictures that follow are from the concert:
A shot taken early in the performance.

Choir early in the piece

In the midst of the piece .... Men chiding the children that their mother was calling them... probably "wo ma-me fre wo'o"

Almost certainly - Wo mah me fre woh!

A later section with the children Standing up - gives an impression of how full the choirs filled the church space

Whole choir in view

A long shot view of the choir, this gives an impression of the scale of the choir against the size of the church

The long view

The very end of the piece....the last three syllables are Af-ri-ka and we raised our hands and books towards the roof. .


The final accolade..... Alexander L'Estrange (the composer) pointing towards our conductor to take his bow.


Some pictures of the Zimbe rehearsals can be seen here!

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