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Members News Page

This page contains information about rehearsals, in particular about any late changes to location and timing of rehearsals and, additionally, the dress requirements for concerts.

Spring Term 2018

Rehearsals will normally be at the Stevenage Music Centre (click on link for Satellite image). For those using SatNavs to get there the post code is SG2 0HS. The address is Mobbsbury Way and is adjacent to the Timebridge Community Centre.

Please note: The satellite image is, I believe, not right up to date. The car park entrance is more or less adjacent to the letter "a" in Mobbsbury Way. There's lots of parking there, just leave the car and walk to reception and there will be someone there who can guide you to the auditorium where we rehearse.
See you there.......

Rehearsal Dates for Spring Term 2018

 Jan.     8, 15, 22, 29  
 Feb.     5, 12 (prov.), 19, 26  
 Mar     5, 12, 17 (Concert), 26  

Provisional date is a rehearsal during half term.

Stage Support on Saturday;
Thanks for all the help on Saturday, everyone was very helpful and we got cleared up pretty quickly. Sorry I wasn't as much help as usual but, for those who didn't know, I was due back from a holiday on 10th December but got stranded there till Wednesday night (14th) so the jobs I had a week to do (like printing congregational hymnsheets and last bits of organisation like getting the piano sorted) had to be squeezed into 2 days .... but we got there .... Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

2017/2018 Calendar:

For those that want to plan their dates further ahead then click here (to view the calendar for the rest of 2017 and through to July 2018.
Do remember to check these dates on an occasional basis - they are updated sometimes throughout the year.

Learning Resources: - Spring 2018 - Rossini - Stabat Mater


The Rossini Stabat Mater, being a major work, is supported by Choraline with practice material. To visit the appropriate page click here.
You can also buy the vocal score from publisher (Novello version) at £9.95 plus postage.

Home Brew
There won't be Home Brew material for this concert.


There are a number of Rossin Stabat Mater recordings available on Spotify. You can search on Spotify for the various albums available but here's a link to the Philharmonia Orchestra and Chorus version (this time a studio recording with Carlo Maria Giulini conducting).
Click on the link - Philharmonia Orchestra version.
If you particularly like this recording the CD IS still available from Deutsche Gramophon. Here is the web catalogue entry for it

IF you register and download the Spotify app (available for phones/pads and PCs) or use the spotify website you can play the tracks as much as you want for FREE!. There is a cost, in the sense that Spotify displays ads in the player - both video and audio ads between tracks. But the amount of personal info they want is limited. IF you use Facebook you can log in with that or, if like me, you want a lower profile you set up an account with them based on your Email address.

Here is a help page link to help you if you want to try this way. To use the page effectively it will help to the view the help page in one browser window whilst doing setup and login operations in another.

The free website isn't helpful if you are accessing it on phone but with a PC it's OK. It's free to play the tracks from the webpage itself. The audio tracks are created on midi but are downloadable as MP3 files at a cost per track (the site tells me). The link to the appropriate webpage of the Cyberbass site is here.
This page only cover movements 1, 5, 8, 9, 10 - I don't know whether this covers the whole chorus pieces or not but think it may.


Soundcloud ( works a little differently to Spotify in that people place recordings there but there is one complete recording of the Stabat Mater available. There is a paid-for service which gives access to many tracks BUT the free version generally only gives previews of many of them. There is one recording of the whole piece being available for free though. Click on the link - here to view the web page. The recording is a little weird in the sense that orchestra and choir are spread across the soundfield whilst the solists are predominently on the Left side... but for a live recording in a church it sounds fairly clear.

Footnote: Recordings are shown as a wave envelope - if the top half is dark grey for the whole length then the whole track can be played, if it is dark grey for an area at the start and lighter grey later then only the dark grey area will play (as a preview) in the free version.

Online Video and score information

YouTube video:
There's some recordings of the piece on YouTube:
The one I have picked is by a Salzburger Festspiel recording made by the Austrian TV company ORF - you can watch by clicking here. The recording is nice and clear and the concert itself starts about 2 minutes into the recording.
Also on YouTube there is a so-called HD recording from the Proms with Giulini as conductor on YouTube but this is a 1982 recording transferred and upscaled to HD format and the picture and sound quality leaves a little to be desired.

Scores: These will be available for hire at £ TBD for the Stabat Mater this term when we work on this piece.

Want to buy the score? - Novello is the publisher here. has it at £9.95 with £2.50 p and p. (open link here) and Amazon has it at £9.95 here (Oct 17).

Vocal Guidance Sheets:

Derek Harrison passed over some papers about vocal care and guidance on Monday 2nd February 2015. As some were a little pale (and on an angle - a little bit) I have re-typeset the text. To view/download the text click here.

Other Local Choir/Music Events :

Events brought to our notice can be found by clicking here. Currently there are FOUR events there.

Easyfunding :

An explanatory page about this relatively pain free method of donating funds to us (when you buy things over the internet) can be seen by clicking here.

Breathing exercises :

Jan has been passed some pointers to YouTube videos about breathing (with exercises):- 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.
Numbers 1 and 2 are associated and numbers 3-6 form a video in 4 parts.

Choir and MM Newsletters:

These have been removed from the site but is available on request if needed.
Financial Information about the choir:
This information is available on request via the Society Chairman.


IF you are lucky/unfortunate enough to find an error on any of the pages of this site then PLEASE let me know. I've made life as simple I can. There is a link to click on the "Contacts" webpage that will start a mail message to me. It would help lots if you can make the title of the E-mail the name of the webpage(s) with the error(s) on it.
Many Thanks...Your friendly webmaster.

Footnote: The link to reach this page will be on the main page of the site (index.html) and will be set to red (for typically a week) as a trigger to show that new information is available here. So please check the main web page regularly.