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Members News Page

This page contains information about rehearsals, in particular about any late changes to location and timing of rehearsals and, additionally, the dress requirements for concerts.

Recruitment poster for 2019 - The new poster (pdf) can be downloaded from here. Feel free to download it and email to all your friends. The image of the pdf is on our Facebook page.

Autumn Term 2019

Rehearsals will normally be at the Stevenage Music Centre (click on link for Satellite image). For those using SatNavs to get there the post code is SG2 0HS. The address is Mobbsbury Way and is adjacent to the Timebridge Community Centre.

Please note: The point marked "ENTER HERE" is the entry to the Car park. There's lots of parking there, just leave the car and walk to reception and there will be someone there who can guide you to the auditorium where we rehearse.
See you there.......

Rehearsal Dates for Autumn Term 2019

 Sep.     9, 16, 23, 30  
 Oct.     7, 14, 21, 28  
 Nov.     4, 9**, 11, 13*, 16, 25
 Dec.     2, 9, 11*, 14 (Concert)  

Notes: * denotes optional rehearsals - to be confirmed later
           ** denotes additional rehearsal at Hatfield

2019/2020 Calendar:

For those that want to plan their dates further ahead then click here (to view the calendar through to July 2020).
Do remember to check these dates on an occasional basis - they are updated sometimes throughout the year. Update 3 - March Concert date moved, number of rehearsals per term probably incorrect at this point but dates are agreed.

Learning Support resources
Autumn 2019 - Karl Jenkins - Requiem

Home Brew

None needed as Choraline is available for this work.


You can order the CD/Streaming version from them directly here.

Performance Audio recording

This can be ordered at a cost of £9.99 (plus delivery) from Choraline. Currently out of stock at the time of writing but orderable. Amazon are also low on stock but have some - link is here - cost is £9.85 plus whatever delivery costs apply.

Sheet Music

You can hire the music via us. Hire cost: £5.00
Boosey and Hawkes score - This can be bought at for £8.48 (plus delivery), Also at for £15.99 (plus £2.50 P and P costs for orders less than £15 otherwise free) with price per unit reduction if you order more copies.

Online Sources

Spotify - Spotify has the same CD as YouTube. The link to it is here.


There's a full recording set of the piece on You Tube;
  1) Introit - Play
  2) Dies Irae - Play
  3) The Snow of yesterday - Play
  4) Rex Tremendae - Play
  5) Confutatis - Play
  6) From Deep in my heart - Play
  7) Lacrimosa - Play
  8) Now as a spirit - Play
  9) Pie Jesu - Play
  10) Having seen the Moon - Play
  11) Lux Aeterna - Play
  12) Farewell - Play
  13) In Paradisum - Play

Soundcloud - Soundcloud does have a performance recording - try this link to the home page of the choir that posted it. Requiem.

Cyberbass - Doesn't cover this work

Vocal Guidance Sheets:

Derek Harrison passed over some papers about vocal care and guidance on Monday 2nd February 2015. As some were a little pale (and on an angle - a little bit) I have re-typeset the text. To view/download the text click here.

Other Local Choir/Music Events :

Events brought to our notice can be found by clicking here. Currently there are NO events there.

Easyfunding :

An explanatory page about this relatively pain free method of donating funds to us (when you buy things over the internet) can be seen by clicking here.

Breathing exercises :

Jan has been passed some pointers to YouTube videos about breathing (with exercises):- 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.
Numbers 1 and 2 are associated and numbers 3-6 form a video in 4 parts.

Choir and MM Newsletters:

These have been removed from the site but is available on request if needed.
Financial Information about the choir:
This information is available on request via the Society Chairman.


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