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This page contains information about rehearsals, in particular about any late changes to location and timing of rehearsals and, additionally, the dress requirements for concerts.

Recruitment poster for 2019 - The new poster (pdf) can be downloaded from here. Feel free to download it and email to all your friends. The image of the pdf is on our Facebook page.

Autumn Term 2021

Rehearsals will normally be at the Stevenage Music Centre (click on link for Satellite image). For those using SatNavs to get there the post code is SG2 0HS. The address is Mobbsbury Way and is adjacent to the Timebridge Community Centre.

Please note: The point marked "ENTER HERE" is the entry to the Car park. There's lots of parking there, just leave the car and walk to reception and there will be someone there who can guide you to the auditorium where we rehearse.

2021/2022 Calendar:

Obviously with a new start this term we are just beginning to start plans for 21/22. We will add a calendar here for dates once we have sorted rehearsal dates and concerts for this period.

Learning Support resources
Autumn 2021 - Various Sheet Music

Home Brew

Will be producing for this music as it won't be available from commercial sources with these arrangements. Don't forget if you haven't used OneDrive for accessing the home brew audio files there's a help page here.


No Choraline support

Performance Audio recording - Doesn't apply

Sheet Music

Being provided.

Online Sources:

YouTube - Will provide links to original sources from YouTube in the arrangemnts we use where possible, I'll also provide access to original recordings of the songs where they exist.

59th Street Bridge Song - YouTube link to Simon and Garfunkel live performance - on this page.
The Hippopotamus Song - Original Flanders and Swan on video - on this page.
It's only a Paper Moon - the song stems back from the 1930s and this recording stems from that era - audio recording is on this page. Out of interest the best known of the versions is probably the Ella Fitzgerald version (link is here - you can hear how some of the notes are pulled out of time a bit and trills added in various places).
Till there was you - Audio recording by Peggy Lee on this page. Song written by Meredith Wilson in the 1950s and used in the Musical "The Music Man", it was this Peggy Lee version that Paul McCartney heard and it impressed him enough to record it with the Beatles - legend has it that Meredith received more royalties from the Beatles recording than from the original show.
Where have all the Flowers Gone - Recording of a live Performance by Pete Seeger - the link is here. It stops at the end of the third verse basically because that's all that Pete wrote, the other verses were written by Joe Hickerson in 1960 and completed the song as we now know it. Rathbone version can be found here.
The trees they do grow high - No joy at all on this one ... It is originally a folk song but the popular folk artists on YouTube (Martin Carthy, Pentangle et al) perform a song of this name which is somewhat different to this in tune and in some cases structure.
Roseville Fair - This one IS a Rathbone arrangement on this page. The original composer is Bill Staines, an American singer/songwriter who is left handed but plays a right hand strung guitar updside down i.e the guitar turned through 180 degrees and so the bass strings are at the bottom of the guitar, which makes the fingering COMPLETELY different.
Doris Day Medley - The original clips Deadwood Stage, Secret Love (both from the film Calamity Jane) and Que Sera Sera (from the Hitchcock film "The Man who knew too Much").

Soundcloud - None of these pieces appear on Jonathan's Soundcloud page.

Cyberbass - Not this music.

Learning Support resources
Spring 2022 - Dvorak - Mass in D

We will do the Dvorak, currently (and tentatively!) planned in Spring 2022. I am providing this information on practice material so that if people feel the urge to prepare in advance, they can.

Home Brew

Not needed as Choraline should have adequate support.


Choraline for this work can be found here.

Performance Audio recording

On Amazon the recordings available on Spotify and YouTube don't seem to be available as CDs to order. There are versions, mainly the orchestral versions, available there so I suggest you choose your own.

Sheet Music

The library scores will be the New Novello Choral edition which you can buy from Amazon here for £8.95 (plus p and p if appropriate).
You can hire the music via us. Hire cost: £ TBA

Online Sources:

YouTube - Found a nice video with the Choir of Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford, England, Alan Byers - Tenor, Robert Morton - Baritone, Neil Ritchie - Treble ... With Nicholas Cleobury playing the Organ and Simon Preston, Conductor. Click here to view
Here's the times the various parts of the suite appear in the video:
0:00 Kyrie
3:12 Gloria
14:21 Credo
27:35 Sanctus
30:04 Benedictus
36:47 Agnus Dei

Soundcloud - Soundcloud does have one recording of this piece by the European Medical Students Orchestra and Choir performing in Prague have a nice orchestral arrangement which seems well spaced and fairly clear. You can find the complete recording as the first playlist on this page. (Don't bother after the first 6 tracks as this a Dvorak symphony)

Cyberbass - Does cover this work. Here's the appropriate page.

Spotify - There a number of links on the Spotify to recordings of the piece, some well known concert ensembles/conductors others not: 1) Performance by Stuttgart Motet choir, conducted by Günther Graulich - Click here to listen in Spotify. 2) Performance by Orpheus Choir Munich, conducted by Gerd Gugthör - Click here to listen in Spotify.
NOTE: If you already have Spotify on phone/PC then simply use the search using the term Dvorak Mass in D and make your own choice which album you wish to listen to...

Vocal Guidance Sheets:

Derek Harrison passed over some papers about vocal care and guidance on Monday 2nd February 2015. As some were a little pale (and on an angle - a little bit) I have re-typeset the text. To view/download the text click here.

Other Local Choir/Music Events :

Events brought to our notice can be found by clicking here. These comprise adverts from other local choirs and also other music organisations we share advertising with on a reciprocal basis.
Currently there is ONE event there.

Easyfunding :

An explanatory page about this relatively pain free method of donating funds to us (when you buy things over the internet) can be seen by clicking here.

Breathing exercises :

Jan has been passed some pointers to YouTube videos about breathing (with exercises):- 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.
Numbers 1 and 2 are associated and numbers 3-6 form a video in 4 parts.

Choir and MM Newsletters:

These have been removed from the site but are available on request if needed.
Financial Information about the choir:
This information is available on request via the Society Chairman.

SCS Constitution:

There is an online version of the Constitution of the Society available on this webpage. On that page there is also a link to a printable version of the constitution.


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