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Saturday 16th Nov 2019 at 4:00pm
Karl Jenkins - Requiem
Location: Church of St. Andrew and St. George, Cuttys Lane, Stevenage

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Karl Jenkins' Requiem dates from 2005 and, like many of his works, is very easy on the ear. It is fundamentally a latin mass but, interspersed with the classic latin forms, are Japanese death poems in a haiku form and at times the haiku form is overlaid on the latin.

In 2009 when we performed Jenkins' The Armed Man we introduced Islamic culture. In this concert not only do we have Japanese poetry but also Japanese traditional instruments as part of this lovely piece. We will have the Mid Herts Orchestra with us for this and so this concert is certainly not to be missed!

Programme Includes:


Karl Jenkins

Mid Herts Youth Orchestra
Conductor: Liang Lee
Stevenage Choral Society
SCS Musical Director: Robin Osterley

Ticket Prices: £13 Adults (£15 at the door) and £6 for under 16s
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