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Saturday 30th March 2019 at 7:30pm
Missa in tempore belli (Paukenmesse) by Haydn
Location: Church of St. Andrew and St. George, Stevenage

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This setting of the mass by Joseph Haydn is also known also as the Paukenmesse (due to the dramatic use of timpani).

Haydn was a deeply religious man, who appended the words “Praise be to God” at the end of every completed score. Composed at Eisenstadt in August 1796, at the time of Austria’s general mobilisation into war. Four years into the European war that followed the French Revolution, Austrian troops were doing badly against the French in Italy and Germany, and Austria feared invasion.

Programme Includes:

Missa in tempore belli
(Mass in Time of War - Paukenmesse)


Te Deum


Symphony No. 1

Sergei Prokofiev

Chameleon Arts Orchestra

Stevenage Choral Society
SCS Musical Director: Robin Osterley

Ticket Prices: £13 Adults (£15 at the door) and £5 for under 16s