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This page contains information about the website and limitations put upon your use of the website set by the Society. It is a "plain English" version of the more legalistic legal liability page which visit by clicking here

Limitation of Liability

We do not hold ourselves liable for any factual inaccuracies on this site. It is compiled in the belief that the sources from whom we gather information are currently correct and where information is taken from sources other than ourselves it is properly cited.

For external links (connections to other websites such as audio and video streaming and ticketing sites and magazines) clicking on the link takes you away from our website and onto another site and so we aren't responsible for the behaviour on that site or that sites content.

Permitted Use

Generally speaking all images, text, audio, pictures and video hosted on this site are the copyright either of ourselves or the original source of the material. Copying of text or images (in any form) from here to other sites is considered infringement of copyright except in one circumstance.

The exception is where reference is made back to our website/organisation via links and that this arrangement is made with us (preferably in writing) to use the graphic items or logos. For example if an event service were referencing SCS for ticketing then they would be permitted to use the logo with our permission or for inclusion in an advertising document (such as, for example, as the Stevenage Festival Programme information).


All pages on the site have the page date when it was most recently updated and a copyright statement based on the year the page was initially added to the site in its current form.


We have a separate page on the information that is collected from this website - it's here.

There are no account logins available to this site so we don't collect unanonymised information from you. We set cookies for traffic purposes so we can see which pages are visited and statistics on the site but we don't retrieve browser history or personal information.

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